Soft 19 Playing Mistake
[ 26-03-2018 ]

Soft 19 Playing Mistake

Malaysia Online Betting players consider soft 19 as a strong hand as it is pretty profitable against every dealer’s upcard. So today, I am going to introduce about one of the most misplayed hands which is a soft 19 (A-8). There are only two cards can improve a 19 and the objective of blackjack is to get 21 as possible. If they do not get a soft 21, the only thing is to tie with this value.

The first common mistake is when soft 19 players against dealer’s 5 or 6 upcard. Players can double their bet if a table is having too many high value cards than low value cards. The reason for doing this is there is a good chance that dealer will bust. Another one is dealer’s 2 upcard. Basic strategy teaches players to stand when dealer has 2 as his upcard. When the player is able to track the cards, he should double the hand when high cards are more than low cards.

Another Malaysia Online Betting blackjack mistake is always be aware of casino rules. For instance, dealer must hit or stand on a soft 17 will influence every players’ decision. Further, when the casino releases a rule that dealer must hit on a soft 17, the correct way for players is to double their bet. If a dealer is bound by the rule to stand on a soft 17, players tend to stand against dealer’s upcard. This becomes so important for players to aware of the gambling rules before selecting to play blackjack.

In summary, A-8 is a strong hand to yield long term positive result. Even though it allows Malaysia Online Betting blackjack players to be advantageous, they need to be aware of these common playing mistakes to avoid wasting their money in a casino.