Proposition Bets
[ 03-04-2018 ]

Proposition Bets

In Singapore Online Casino craps game, proposition bet (or ‘prop bet’) is known as one-roll bet and players either hit or lose the bet on the next roll. Due to its high payout, it gains a lot of attention from novice players.  However, it is regarded as a highly risky bet type because the substantial house advantage attached to it which is ranged from 9.9% to 16.67%. Therefore, it is unsuitable for inexperienced players. In order to place such bet, craps players need to be better acquainted with the craps table. They need to tell the stickman and toss their wager in the designated area.

In general, most prop bets are determined by the very next roll of the dice. It has nothing to do with Pass Line, whether the shooter make the point is pretty irrelevant. Further, it has different kinds of Singapore Online Casino bets such as any seven, Hardway bet, Aces, two, and eleven and so on.

Firstly, any seven wins whenever one of the three possible combinations that have total of 7 is rolled. Players win as long as one out of three combinations is rolled and they are paid according to 4 for 1.

In addition, another one is called Hardway bet. Players win when there is a pair of the same numbers is rolled and all the combinations are distinguished as hard 4 (2-2), hard 6 (3-3), hard 8 (4-4) and hard 10 (5-5). Like other bets, if a 7 is rolled before Hardway pair, players lose.

Singapore Online Casino Ace bet is known as the next throw must be number 2. There is only one possible dice combination that makes up the total of 2. Payout of this bet is 31 to 1 and this is the reason why it has so high house edge and result in losing money in a long run.