[ 11-07-2018 ]

Dr. LoveMore – how to attract ladies’s attention

This doctor, LoveMore, is a knowledgeable man. He knows how to demonstrate to you the best approach to win a lady's heart. There are things that make ladies happy, and Dr. LoveMore here in Singapore Slot Game recognizes what they are. Flowers, particularly roses, are women's top picks, in addition to champagne, fragrance, and other superb objects that will influence women to feel rewarded and realize that they are uncommon for the individual who has brought them such presents.
Presently let us dispatch the game in this platform of TONY88, with 5 reels and 20 pay lines, and see what Dr. LoveMore will show you about the game of love. Together with his lessons, you will appreciate a Wild, a Scatter, and free twists, as your prizes. The most astounding pay out to win is 10,000 coins, which can influence your head turn at the specific idea of such a sum. As the most noteworthy goal, the Dollar Ball, the progressive jackpot, will draw your attention.
The Wild is the license plate of Dr. LoveMore. It is as great as a Wild can be, substitute missing symbols, and in that way helping you to form winning lines. Alternate symbols are the typical food slot symbols and they are certain to make women happy when you give them such fruits as presents. Presently let us pass on to other symbols, the bouquet, the fragrance, the champagne. These are additionally things that will influence women to feel exceptional and take a gander at the gentlemen who give them such gives presents with fondness and appreciation, which would then be able to form into love. Dr. LoveMore who is glancing through a peephole is the symbol which here goes about as the Scatter. This symbol can likewise make you happy with higher wins. For the reason, you should see it show up twice, on the 5 reels, and after that your win will take off. The symbol which will bring the reward of free spins, 20 in number, is the doctor's underwear. What is interesting is that it is pink in colour. The pink shorts can bring rewards you can procure when they turn out on reels 1 and 5. This is a signal that you will get the free spins. What's more, there is a whole other world to come, as the free spins go on, at that point, every one of your wins will soar twofold.
As you see, the choices and features are sufficient to empower you to harvest wins as you play and have satisfaction in Singapore Slot Game. By taking Dr. LoveMore's recommendation on the best way to win women's attention and love. With the Wild, the Scatter, the free spins, wins are nearly readily available. All you require is to play and exploit. Winning combinations can have a tremendous effect. Appreciate the power of the Wild which will assist you with completing winning combinations. With the Scatter, your wins will likewise swell, as they will be multiplied by your aggregate wager, and after that additional to make the line wins swell as well.
The theme of affection, clarified by Dr. LoveMore, is entrancing, particularly because the game presents alternatives to win at any minute. With the Bet Max choice, you can put down the most extreme wager with all pay lines chose in this game in Singapore Slot Game.