[ 24-07-2018 ]

Arctic Treasure – Freezing Temperature themed slot game

Stay in an opposite direction from the temperature latitudes and set out for an experience over the ice of the Artic to find the treasures that lie past. 

Arctic Treasure is a Slot Game created by TONY88 that wagers on creativity and simplicity of gameplay to pull in new imminent players. The rules here are clear you have no reason not to try the game out. Furthermore, the liberal bonus features covered up on the pay table alone are a decent incentive. 

So, how about we see what Arctic Treasure has in store in our full survey of the game did by Singapore Slot Game

Arctic Treasure happens in an unforgiving and frozen condition, however luckily for players you will be splendidly safe behind your screen, so protected that you could set aside some opportunity to appreciate the sights too. 

The scene is occurring during the evening and the tall icebergs in the background are lit up by the blue moonlight. The reels in the frontal area are canvassed in snow and the command buttons are skilfully covered up in sidebars and fly up menus. 

Arctic Treasure is straightforward yet very lovely to take a gander at. Be that as it may, don't give this peaceful sight a chance to divert you from your objective, and we should proceed onward to the gameplay next. 

Playing Arctic Treasure in Singapore Slot Game is as straightforward as following the command bars and choosing what strategy that you might want to embrace. Here are the essential principles around which the game is constructed. 

You have 5 reels and 20 pay lines accessible, here to demonstrate where the symbol combinations can trigger money prizes. The left pop-up menu will show up when you tap on the arrow. There, the in addition to and short button will enable you to pick a bet and enact pay lines. You can likewise turn on the turbo mode to accelerate the game a bit. Hit the spin button on the right-hand side of the screen to prepare began once you are. 

Arctic Treasure computes its potential prizes as indicated by the image mixes that you score and the extent of your present bet. Keep in mind that wagering more cash on the reels can conceivably increase your future pay outs. In this way, it could be to your greatest advantage to wager some more credits when you feel that fortunes are your ally. Arctic Treasure additionally has an auto spin game mode that you can initiate by holding down the turn catch. Your current bet will then be set on a few twists in succession. 

The pay table here of Arctic Treasure of Singapore Slot Game is loaded with solidified things and nearby animals who have adjusted keeping in mind the end goal to make due in the cruel polar conditions. How about we investigate every one of these images here, with cases of money rewards considering a wager of one coin. 

The card symbols from the number 10 to the Ace are the initial ones on the menu, and by a long shot the most widely recognized also. You can win about 5 and 100 credits with these combinations. 

Next come the Arctic owl, wolf and polar bear, with a most extreme pay outs of 500 credits for the most fortunate players. Besides, Arctic Treasure has a couple of shocks in store if you need to go for much bigger prizes.