Poker – How to Play a small pairs?
[ 11-02-2018 ]

Poker – How to Play a small pairs?

In Singapore Online Betting poker game, some experienced players may consider small pairs can be a very profitable and potential hand, but they will lose their bet if they play incorrectly. Small pairs can be known as pocket pairs as well. It is referred to those pairs from number 2 to 5 where those higher value pairs are considered as medium to high pocket pairs.

When poker players hold a small pair, they have high chance that flop will bring over the cards. However, it gives players too less information about own hand’s strength. Opponent’s hand can be higher pair, drawing hand or any other possible hand. Since Singapore Online Betting players may lack of information, it is so costly for them to find out whether to bet on turn and river. Therefore, players who have been dealt small pairs will wish to see a flop initially with a hope of getting a set. If there are three or more players see the flop, player need to have a set in order to win that round.

Before Singapore Online Betting players win at playing a small pair, it requires many elements to take place such as having enough opponents to supply pot odds and hitting a set. Hence, the most important element of playing small pairs is position. Coming in late with small pairs is a great time. Further, players can apply “set mining” as their strategy. It refers to players call preflop raises with small pairs. Sometimes, even though players have small pocket pairs, they will raise their card, it depends on position, stack size and opponents’ tendencies. Therefore, whether or not to call a raise with a small pair in the hope of hitting a set and winning big.

All in all, set mining is one possible method to take when playing with small pairs.