Place Bet VS Buy Bet in Craps
[ 01-03-2018 ]

Place Bet VS Buy Bet in Craps

Malaysia Online Betting players need to differentiate between the craps betting types and similarity between craps buy bet and craps place bet. For instance, players bet on the possibility of the shooter will roll the specific number that they choose before 7 in both place bet and buy bet. However, these is some differences between these two bets in terms of how players actually make the bet and what advantage that casino has over players.

Place bet means players bet on a particular number such as 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 to come out. Players are not allowed to bet on other number. If players bet on one number and it is rolled before a 7, players win. Number 4 and 10 are paid at 9 to 5 odds while 5 and 9 at 7 to 5 odds and number 6 and 8 is paid at 7 to 6. Buy bet pays Malaysia Online Betting players at high odds and casino charges a certain percentage of commission for return. Number 4 and 10 are the most popular options as both have the greatest odds.

Furthermore, buy bet pays true odds and this makes it as one of the most favorable wagers in the craps game. In addition, true odds mean there is no house advantage. Since buy bet is quite similar with place bet, players are able to increase, decrease or remove the bets whenever they like. Craps buy bet is different from a place bet is after Malaysia Online Betting players make their bet against the number they bet on, dealer will place a “Buy” button on top of chips in order to differentiate this bet with any other bets.

Craps players win if the number they bet on appears before a 7. Like a place bet, buy bet works after the come-out roll.