What is Pre-flop Hand Reading?
[ 10-04-2018 ]

What is Pre-flop Hand Reading?

Singapore Online Casino poker players should know how to differentiate the hand ranges of own cards as well as opponents’ hand. Understanding what opponents’ hand range means players are able to evaluate the strength of own hand against that assumed range and then they logically know what the best move is. Further, they always keep track of hand combinations to calculate the probabilities when playing such game. If you do not know the opponents’ hand, how can you proceed the game? Whether to fold, call or re-raise? There are only two rules, first is are you playing against a set miner and whether opponents are bluffing.

Let’s see this example, most Singapore Online Casino players will reraise their bet when they get a pair of Q or better rank. Therefore, when there is no one reraise means players are not against those hands. In other words, players can eliminate some threat after the flop. It is abnormal for players to call with half their hands and fold the other half.

On the other hand, suited cards give players advantage that they should play any two of the same suit. At the same time, players need to have the high card, if not they are too easily losing such hand if someone else has high cards in the same suit. For instance, players should not take risk and simply throw suited low cards away.

However, players can only reveal a little information about hand reading during preflop because we have no idea what opponents have and just having a rough idea of what they don’t have. In conclusion, poker players should never think about what kind of cards that Singapore Online Casino opponents may have in very early position. Pre-flop ranges are often tighter than people assume and it can be a costly mistake.