Keno Way Ticket
[ 03-05-2018 ]

Keno Way Ticket

Betting on keno is not only for fun, but also offers high rewards and is pretty inexpensive. There are 6 types of tickets that Singapore Online Casino players can bet on keno. Today, we are going to discuss about one of them which is known as ‘way ticket’.  A keno way ticket is like the straight ticket but for cost as the way ticket is cheaper. For instance, a way ticket is regarded as a ticket includes more than one set of number as a bet.

This kind of ticket gives players the chance to play more than one ticket at once. Therefore, the reason why it is so popular is it makes players much more convenient as they can bet multiple games. However, the downside is it can be quite complex so players may be confused if they are not familiar with way tickets. Players need to have sufficient knowledge to play keno game with way ticket.

Firstly, same as other ticket method, Singapore Online Casino players need to choose their betting numbers by circle the group of the numbers. Most way tickets offer limited groups of 3 – 5 numbers per circle. Next is the most confusing step as players need to calculate how many ways they want to bet. Since keno has 80 numbers, players are allowed to make three-spot or five-spot bet. In other word, way ticket has two different ways of winning. They also can combine both sets of numbers to increase their winning combination. The next part is to determine the amount of their bet. The higher they make, the more they stand to win. Lastly, wait for the result and grab prize away.

All in all, way ticket can be complicated but it is pretty interesting. Straight ticket allow players to pick the number they want while Singapore Online Casino way ticket allows them to pick multiple sets of numbers.