Joyful Mini Baccarat
[ 17-05-2018 ]

Joyful Mini Baccarat

Mini baccarat is a simple game to play. Malaysia Online Casino mini baccarat is a card game dealt with 6 to 8 decks of cards. Besides, players need to make two decisions, first is how much they want to bet; second is whether to bet on bank or player. Like regular baccarat game, mini baccarat players need to guess which of the two dealt hands (Bank or Player) have the higher total, whichever closest to 9 will be the winner.

There are only three hands in mini baccarat which are bank, player and tie. However, tie bet is the worst bet in casinos so players can ignore that bet. There are no individual hands for player. Furthermore, the main difference between baccarat and mini baccarat is the number of decks being used in game. Since casinos use fewer decks in mini baccarat, the odds become lesser than regular baccarat. Malaysia Online Casino house edge on banker bet is 1.06% with 8 decks of cards while it is 1.01% with single deck.

On the other hand, another bet that players may come across is called Dragon Bonus. It is an optional side bet in mini baccarat. Dragon Bonus bet win if the point total of winning hand is 4 or higher than losing hand or if the winning hand is a natural. In contrast, this bet loses if the result is a tie or the point total of winning hand is less than 4. In addition, winning player bets are paid 1 to 1 while winning banker bet are paid 1 to 1 minus 5% commission. Tie bet is paid according to 8:1.

All in all, Malaysia Online Casino mini baccarat is played under the same rules as baccarat but it offers players the chance of playing this game with lower betting limits.