Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slot Review
[ 23-07-2020 ]

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slot Review

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slot is 5 reels and 3 payline video slot powered by the Betsoft software. The game takes you on an action-packed, multiplayer adventure and is an immersive role-playing slot with a difference. You’ll enter into the game with your own Avatar and up to 6 other players but you’ll need to go in prepared. Ra’s curse has been awoken and his reanimated army stands between you and the undiscovered treasures of Ancient Egypt. If you fancy embarking on the adventure play it at Tony88 Malaysia Online Slots.

How to Play the MAX QUEST: Wrath of Ra Slot

This game is a little different from other video slots so you’ll need to learn how to place your bets first:

  • Coin denominations can be set by clicking Bullet Cost +/-
  • You need to select your total buy in by clicking Bullet Buy In +/-
  • Next you need to select any room to begin playing, each room can accommodate a maximum of six players. Each game room is sorted by the cost of each bullet. Once these steps are completed the game will start
  • Instead of hitting spin your game rounds will involve enemy targets which move across the screen. You’ll shoot the targets (as opposed to spinning reels). Instead of matching symbols to win the enemies will reveal a prize when shot.
  • Each enemy has seven tiered prizes. Every time you defeat an emery you’ll increase your rating and can benefit more

Slot Features

There are no bonuses as such in this game as you get to enjoy the excitement of an RNG-based slot gaming into an interactive shooting experience. Bullets now represent your wagers and enemies replace the usual slot machine symbols you’re used to seeing. When enemies are hit they can reveal a win.

Every bullet you fire can trigger a feature or a pay out as Ra’s gauntlet tests your nerve and not your aim. If you miss a shot it will ricochet or return to its chamber along with the wager. You can progress through the rooms in deeper search of the loot as you and your fellow players face a bundle of terrifying enemies along the way.

Special Features

Fire Enemies: Enemies are just the start of this game as there’s so much more involved. You’ll also experience Fire Enemies and and God Events.

When you defeat an enemy the Risen Fire Enemies can randomly trigger and you can increase your chances of a payout the more shots you take. You’ll be able to win up to 5000x the cost of your bullet during this feature.

God Events: A God Event can also be randomly triggered at the end of each round. All players who are active in the room will have the chance to destroy a Pharaoh God. Cash prizes will lie ahead if the Pharaoh God is destroyed along with collectable treasure. Your contribution during this feature is vital as prizes will be determined based on this and is split between the players in the room. The better you perform the bigger your win.

Special Weapons

When you purchase bullets you’ll get a standard weapon to use but in addition to that enemies can also drop special weapons when they are destroyed. These weapons will be stronger and can destroy one or more enemies at a time. You can also buy Weapon Chests which contain random special weapons which holds more bullets. These include the following:

  • Shotgun: Powerful shells target a single enemy
  • Grenade: The blast can kill up to 5 enemies
  • Machine Gun: Rapid fire targets single enemies with the chance of ricochet
  • Laser: Intense beam targets a single enemy with the chance of ricochet
  • Plasma Rifle: Massive strength plasma can target single enemy

You’ll only pay the purchase cost for bullets for the special weapons with no extra charge, if obtained in a Weapons Crate. Each shot fired is considered a ‘free bet’. Any unused special weapons are converted to a Surplus Weapons Bonus at the end of each round.

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