How to Play A Pair of Sevens?
[ 20-03-2018 ]

How to Play A Pair of Sevens?

7s is terrible starting hand where blackjack players can easily go busted upon hitting. When Singapore Online Betting players are dealt with a pair of 7s on a blackjack table, they involve either treat the pairs as a hard total of 14, hitting that pair or split the sevens. In addition, there are four playing options which are hit, split, surrender and stand. When blackjack players still consider to apply which strategy is depends on dealer’s upcard, whether double down after pair splitting is allowed and whether surrender is offered.

When dealer’s upcard is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7, players should split their pair because it has high possibility to turn 7 into 17 which is considered as a good hand. When dealer has a card less than 7, he may easily to go bust. At the same time, Singapore Online Betting players have less negative expectation than hitting and making this hand become a better play.

There are some cases when players should decide not to split but choose another move. This strategy is applied whenever dealer has a powerful card as it is too risky to compete against dealer. In other words, when dealer has greater than 7 as his upcard, players should hit against their hand.

The reason players should surrender when they have a pair of 7s and dealer gets a 10 as his upcard. This is because it allows players to fold their hand and receive half of their bet as 7s is quite less attractive hand.  However, players need to ensure whether surrender option is allowed as this option is rarely offered in land-based and online casinos.

In a nutshell, a pair of 7s is really a poor hand and Singapore Online Betting blackjack players should always split a pair of 7s against dealer’s 2 to 7 while hit when dealer gets 7 and above.