High-limit Craps
[ 27-03-2018 ]

High-limit Craps

Online casinos offer craps game because of its convenience, flexibility and practice of rewarding players with numerous bonuses. Singapore Online Casino players are appealing to high-limit craps because they can place large wagers on multiple areas. When casino do not limit them from wagering how much money, they can maximize their profit by using high-limit craps strategies.

Let’s discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of high-limit craps. The very first positive side of this craps is the low house edge as compared to other casino games which actually allows players to be quite profitable. As it is high limit craps, Singapore Online Casino players can win a large sum of money in a short time. Casino provides generous bonus to new and existing gamblers. For example, it gives them more impressive welcome packages and rewards for high-rollers.

On the other hand, it is definitely has a few disadvantages. For instance, it is normal for players who can earn a lot of money quickly are possible to lose a significant portion of money very quickly as well. Therefore, it requires craps players to have a large bankroll when deciding to play high limit craps. In addition, high-rollers lack of social factor which is important for the game. Players tend to lose patience and feel bored.

Furthermore, craps players should always remember the importance of house advantage. Therefore, placing bet on low-risk bets like Pass or Don’t Pass and Come or Don’t Come have the smallest house edge of about 1.4% and ignore less favorable bet like Big 6 and 8. In conclusion, craps is a perfect game for high rollers and this craps offers high level of entertainment to players. And Singapore Online Casino introduce craps tables with high limit in order to fulfill personal preference of cautious and seasoned high rollers.