All About Monkey Thunderbolt
[ 04-05-2018 ]

All About Monkey Thunderbolt

918KISS players are excited when they hear about Monkey Thunderbolt. This video slot is based on Chinese Legend story which a few monkeys want to climb to the Summit of the world within one minute in order to get victory. Players just need to bet on their chosen monkey to place wager and monkeys need to overcome different obstacles such as broken wire while climbing to the top of the world. Besides predicting the next Thunderbolt King, players can wager for which monkey will take the second and third positions.

Before start to play this game, players need to ensure their capital for every bet. For instance, RM100 for every round. There is a maximum time limit which has been set for the entire betting process. In other words, each game only takes 2 minutes and the timer on the screen will ring with amazing sound effect when there is less than 10 seconds left. In addition, players will connect the monkeys to ensure all obstacles are overcome. The 918KISS monkeys have to overcome all the challenges along the tree in order to climb to the top as quickly as possible. If the monkeys fail to solve those obstacles, the bet that has been placed will lose.

There is no limit table seats in this game. Further, it offers players jackpot feature with multiplier awards. The bonus are attractive and prizes are pretty amazing. Huge jackpot become one of the reason why many people are opting for Monkey Thunderbolt. Casino players can make multiple bets on their favorite monkeys. Such action can increase their chance of winning in each game.

With the simplicity of Monkey Thunderbolt, it successfully attracted a lot of attention from 918KISS players. It offers players a variety of bonuses and so many youngster love this game.