What is Blackjack Switch in Malaysia Online Betting?
[ 16-05-2018 ]

What is Blackjack Switch in Malaysia Online Betting?

Nowadays, many casino offer a unique game which is called blackjack switch. Malaysia Online Betting blackjack switch is a variant of classic game of blackjack. It is like regular blackjack game but it has some significant rules. Since both games are quite similar and it is a hard decision whether to switch or not the cards. players need to study the playing strategies and employ them correctly.

Furthermore, the main difference is blackjack switch players have to play at least two hands at the same time. For instance, players are dealt with two hands and they can switch the cards for the top two cards in the deck. Further, the number of deck that is used in blackjack switch is usually 6 to 8 decks.

On the other hand, payout of blackjack switch is 1 to 1. Most experienced Malaysia Online Betting blackjack players will choose to play blackjack switch over regular blackjack game because the house edge against players is much lower than traditional one which is 0.1% against 0.5%. The major advantage of blackjack switch is that every players can swap the second dealt cards of both hands in order to make two better hands. Both hands must have equal bets.

No matter players are playing blackjack or blackjack switch, they need to notice dealer’s actions. If he holds a 7 or higher value, they should know it will result in strong hand. What if dealer’s card is 2, players must be careful as it is high probably to get 22. Furthermore, 22 is not a bust but a push in blackjack switch.

In conclusion, if you are looking for exciting version of Malaysia Online Betting traditional blackjack, you can try blackjack switch. However, be prepared of the 22 rule that may make you confused!