Geisha Story Slot Game - Love Story of a Beautiful Lady with a Young Samurai
[ 28-06-2018 ]

Geisha Story Slot Game - Love Story of a Beautiful Lady with a Young Samurai

The charm and loveliness of Japanese geishas draw in everybody. Their online representation is no less enamouring, so dispatch your game in Singapore Slot Game. This TONY88 Slot will demonstrate to you a plenty of blossoms, so you will dream for spring and of geishas amid the blossoms. The geisha's grace will charm not simply you, but rather a samurai that will likewise feature among the symbols. A geisha is unfathomable without a fan, so it will likewise be available in the Slot Game. Different symbols which are staples for Japanese settings with geishas will be the bonsai tree, the tea kettle, koi fish, the umbrella, the geisha sandals. 

Presently, on the 15 pay lines of this Singapore Slot Game 5 reels game, the story of love between the geisha and the samurai will create here. There will be the wise old man as well, playing as the Scatter. The geisha will be the bonus symbol, and the samurai will go about as the Wild. The wise man, with white hair and beard, and clad in green, will grant pay outs which will be multiplied by the aggregate wager, and after that they will join the line wins. Anticipate wins with 3, 4, or 5 wise man symbols. The enchanting geisha will show up on reels 1 and 5, and after that the bonus feature will begin. The samurai will both substitute and honour pay outs, for 2 to 5 samurai symbols. The most extreme, for 5 samurai, will be 10,000, which is incredible.

Alternate symbols will have their pleasant amazements on the prepared, with wins for 2 to 5 or for 3 to 5 symbols. The ones which have a place with the first group will be the koi fish, the rooftop, the blossoms, and the bonsai tree. For the koi fish, the most extreme will be 750. For the rooftop, it will be 500. For the blossoms, you will get most extreme 400, and for the bonsai tree, the greatest, for 5 trees, will be 300. At that point come the symbols with pay outs for 3 to 5 indistinguishable symbols. The fan's reward will be greatest 250, for the sandals the most extreme will be 200, and afterward come the tea kettle with most extreme 150 and the umbrella with greatest 100. 

The setting, with the blossoms in pink plenitude, and the lovely geisha, will transport you far in the east, in Japan, where you will appreciate the appeal of this young woman and the affection amongst her and the youthful samurai. Furthermore, the old man, unmistakably a knowledgeable and experienced individual, can show you a few privileged insights of showing yourself off before the geisha, and furthermore a few insider facts in Japanese style. You will likewise appreciate the symbols of prosperity, koi fish, and the bonsai tree, which is one of a kind as a custom for Japan. You will see the style of portraying the characters, the symbols, and the background, it is the anime style, which makes all symbols extremely alluring. 

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