What is PONTOON?
[ 30-06-2018 ]

What is PONTOON?

Singapore Online Betting Pontoon uses 4 to 8 decks of regular 52-cards with 10-spot cards are removed. It is also an exciting multi-hand type of Blackjack that offers players the chance of playing up to 3 hands at the same time. Further, Pontoon refers to a hand of 21 which consists of an Ace and a 10-valued card. There is another important rule of this game is that a 21-valued hand or pontoon made by the players will always bet a 21-valued hand or pontoon generated by the dealer. Like traditional blackjack, players need to beat against dealer by making a hand which value is as close to 21 as possible without going over. 

The cards in Pontoon have values like ace is worth 1 or 11 depends on players while 10, J,Q and K are considered as 10-valued cards. Moreover, dealer can hit on soft 17 and doubling after splitting is permitted. Singapore Online Betting blackjack players are allowed to double on 9 to 11 only. They also have permission to use late surrender rule. In addition, double down rescue rule is available as players can surrender after doubling. As the dealer does not have a hole card, it is possible for players to split or double and if the dealer draws Pontoon, they will lose multiple bets. 

Furthermore, the highest ranking hand is the Pontoon which a hand with an Ace and 10-valued card. The next hand is a 5-card trick. For this hand, it is any 5-card hand that has not over 21. By paying 2 to 1 odds, this hand beats a non-pontoon 21. 

All in all, higher number of decks results in decrease in the house edge. Hence, Pontoon is pretty enjoyable variation of blackjack and it fulfills Singapore Online Betting players’ expectation about having different gambling experience.