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We welcome players from all around the nation to join sportsbook malaysia in the most popular betting system of all time, the sportsbook betting. TONY88 is offering a different type of experience for most beginner and also advanced players that may adapt in to most of our system depths. Come join us now with Thousands of players that maybe going in for the same team as your choice. We also provide a private & confidential area for our players to feel secured when playing with us. TONY8 is focusing on protecting players investment and revenues, we improves our system stability nearly every week and also performs different short maintenance in order to keep the system stability and also do our best not affect our players precious time to play.

Ease 2 Access @ TONY88

As long you are able to access our website from either a handphone or PC, you would easily be able to access to all of our service without any delays. Our TONY88 exclusive App also provides a real time live score and in addition a FREE Live Streaming for all of the most anticipated matches from any leagues.

Less Overhead Cost & Frustrations

We also provide improved Betting Odds in order to make at most least betting cost linked between our betting sites. All of the financial savings is also passed on to all of our players. Most the moderate betting will costing a penny in most of the physical forms of sportsbook, but all of the trades that our players made with our company are all fully utilized online and will charge no cost on our users to place their bets.

Exciting Promotions!!

Bonuses is also applied to all players in our company as long as they can accept our Terms & Conditions. Most of the beginner players are fonded into the bonus system, our bonus are also indicated in a specific percentage extra calculated by the deposit amount of the user. E.g. 5% bonus with a deposit amount of RM100, our players would get RM105 credited into their personal account. As long as the players passed the required rollover the requested bonus allows our players to withdraw the full amount of your winnings including the bonus.

TONY88 offers a wide ranges of services from sportsbook & football betting Malaysia to all different demands of our players. We also advise our player to play with a responsible attitude, there is also no benefit from betting if you believe that you are likely having addiction problems.